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Need Sciatica Chiropractor Treatment?

Are you or someone you love suffering from sharp, electrical, burning, pain that starts in the low back or buttocks and shoots down the leg and into the foot? This numbness, tingling pain is refereed to as Sciatica or Lumbar Radiculopathy and its no fun at all. Dr. Sean Beukelman successfully treats Sciatic Nerve Pain also known as Lumbar Radiculopathy on a daily basis. When asked about why his Sciactica Treatment Protocol is generating such success here in Houston, Dr. Beukelman stated:

“At our Houston Heights Chiropractic location, we take a scientific approach to health and wellness. Every care plan, every recommendation and every therapy I prescribe to a patient is based on correcting the underlying issues that is causing the Sciatic Nerve irritation in the first place. We base that on their consultation and symptoms, their history, exam findings, posture profile and an in depth Motion Study X-Ray Analysis. At that point I can see fairly clear in most cases, exactly what is going on and what needs to be done to address the specific needs of the patient to provide them with lasting pain relief.”

Sciatic Nerve Pain is a very common problem for people here in the U.S. and one that our Houston chiropractor sees quite often. For some patients, Sciatica is nothing more than an annoyance, especially when it first starts acting up. Over time however, this type of nerve pain may become more frequent, getting worse when left to “wait and see” and simply left untreated. For many, it will eventually be chronic and debilitating and if left untreated for long enough the symptoms of pain grow as do a slew of other symptoms. Numbness and tingling occur, along with loss of sexual function and bladder/ bowel control, followed by muscle weakness and wasting. When there is pressure on a never (which is what the sciatic nerve is), it diminishes the brains ability to transmit electrical signals or communicate to the organs on the other side of that nerve. This is why we take chiropractic care so seriously. Pressure on a nerve and/ or a damaged nerve can be detrimental on your health, in more ways than most realize.

What is Sciatica and or Lumbar Radiculopathy?

Sciatica or Lumbar Radiculopathy refers to irritation and pain originating from the Sciatic Nerve. This is a medical condition described as pain radiating from the low back, running down the leg which is the path of the sciatic nerve. This nerve is the longest in the human body. As shown in the video above, the Sciatic Nerve runs from the lower back area, over the joint of the hip, under the muscle of the buttock, down the leg and at times into the foot. Usually, sciatic nerve pain affects only one side of the body however for some people, it is common for it to be observed in both legs.

The agonizing nerve pain of sciatica is very confusing for most people because it can feel like it starts in your buttocks, leg or calf, yet in all reality, it starts in the lower back area, where one or more spinal bones have slightly shifted out of place and are causing pressure, irritation and inflammation on or around the sciatic nerve.

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica or Lumbar Radiculopathy?

Patients that come in to see our Houston Chiropractor that have been diagnosed with sciatica usually describe their pain as pain that starts in the low back, butt or hip that shoots down their leg and calf and a times into their foot. Its common for pain to be felt along the entire length of the Sciatic Nerve. The level of pain is based on the individual and the time frame that the nerve has been irritated but most describe it as an electrical, sharp, burning pain with numbness and tingling at times. Some people have a hard time walking, sitting, or they may feel like the leg is cramping or lose control of it all together. The pain makes it very difficult to enjoy every day life. Most patients are not able to find anything more than temporary relief from prescribed pain pills or steroid shots which based on what they tell us, only mask their symptoms, if anything at all. The pain seems to be worse they say at times when they cough or sneeze and the frustration of not finding a treatment plan that works is very trying on their day to day life. The pain can come and go at times and can flare up after long time periods of sitting, or standing as well.

That is where Dr. Beukelman comes in and shows them there is still hope. Correcting the underlying root cause of pain is always the best answer when it comes to health issues. If you are ready to schedule now, Call Us Today 832-280-4684

What are the Causes Sciatic Nerve Pain?

The pain from the sciatic nerve usually comes from a misalignment of the spinal bones in your lower back due to variety of reasons but those bones shift, compressing the nerve. It may also be due to a muscle spasm, a pelvic bone shift or a combination of some or all of the above. The cause of the bones shifting out of place varies, but it may be due to injury or a bone spur, the piriformis muscle, a pelvic misalignment or a combination of all of them. The cause of the bone misalignment may very, but could be due to a disc herniation, disc injury or accident, a bone spur or just years of poor posture.

How Will the Chiropractor in Houston Heights Treat My Sciatica?

Our head chiropractor in Houston Heights will begin by looking for the underlying cause of your Sciatic Nerve pain. Because there is a chance that your Sciatic Pain could be caused by a serious issue Dr. Beukelman takes the diagnostic side of his examination very seriously. To be sure the issues isn’t stemming from a tumor or chronic illness like diabetes Dr. Beukelman bases all of his care on a full consultation and patient history, a full exam, posture profile and an in depth Motion Study X-Ray analysis. This is very critical, and leads the road map on creating an all inclusion plan of action to get successful, long term pain relief.

For most patients, noticeable pain relief is experienced within the first few visits. The care plan, in full usually will require multiple visits and treatments. The recovery time for Lumbar Radiculopathy or Sciatica, depends on a number of health factors such as the patients overall health to begin with, the condition of and degeneration level of the spine and how long the pain has been present.

The long-term effects of sciatica is more serious than most realize. The sciatic nerve serves as a communication line between the brain and many vital organs, which makes finding the underlying root cause of the problem and fixing it essential for long and short term health. If you or someone you love is suffering from lumbar radiculopathy or sciatica pain, we can help.

Give us a call today to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your symptoms and see if our Sciatic Pain Protocol is right for you. 
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