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Our Back Pain Chiropractor in Houston TX office provides quality chiropractic care to our neighbors here in Houston Heights and Back Pain is our specialty! Regardless if you are experiencing mild or severe back pain Dr. Beukelman’s detailed diagnostic testing process and in depth motion study X-Ray Analysis will determine the root cause of your pain and discomfort and allows for a individualized care plan. Our patients see great success when it comes to lasting pain relief and spinal correction. Back pain can be immobilizing in so many ways. It can affect your entire day. People suffering from upper or lower back pain (which is most common) can have a a hard time doing simple. things throughout the day such as; sitting, working, or simply doing the smallest of physical activities. Recent studies at the American Chiropractic Association, have estimated that over 31 million people suffer from some type of back pain. That is at least 10% of the population. Trying to manage the back pain, if left untreated can develop bad gait habits, which can then lead into more chronic pain in other parts of the body. As you overcorrect to compensate for the pain, you leave your body open to more pain. It is better to find the source of the pain, and immediately find a back pain chiropractor in Houston TX to help you diagnose the source of the pain and treat it effectively.

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Back Pain Chiropractor | Cause and Effect

More on Back Pain…

Did you know that about 80% of adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives? Women and men are affected equally by back pain which can range from mild acute pain to debilitating chronic pain. Luckily, there is a pain-free, drug-free way to treat back pain – and all it takes to start is a visit to your local chiropractor. Sometimes the back pain can be fixed simply by rest, and relaxation, but most of the time it is best to find a qualified Back Pain Chiropractor that can make sure that your spinal column is aligned, and working and communicating with other parts fo the body.

About the Spine

The spinal column is the body’s main support structure. It protects the spinal cord from getting injured and allows the body to twist, bend, and move. The spine is made up of 33 individual bones (vertebrae) stacked on top of each other. In between each vertebra is a disk to keep the bones from rubbing against each other. Over 30 pairs of spinal nerves branch off of the spinal column. The back muscles and abdominal muscles help the spine keep its natural curve. As you can see, the back has many parts working together to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

What are the Causes of Back Pain?

Back pain can often be difficult to diagnose, but the most common cause of back pain is from sudden injury. This may include a sprained ligament or muscle. Common causes of back pain include; poor sleep posture, auto accident, slip or fall, or prolonged poor posture. Common chronic conditions can lead to back pain, including but not limited to:

  • Ruptured, bulging or herniated disks
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Abnormal curvature of the spine
  • Arthritis
  • Pregnancy
  • Shingles
  • Cancer

The spinal column can be a very complicated structure built by discs, tendons, muscles, vertebra, and ligaments. Discomfort within the spinal region can be caused by several factors. Most people with back pain wait until the pain is no longer bearable. If you feel like you are experiencing back pain, and it is turning into a more chronic pain rather than acute, it can be wise to seek out a back pain chiropractor to solve the issue.

What are the types of back pain?

There are a few types of back pain, but usually the most common types of back pain that people will experience are both within the low back area. Acute low-back pain, and chronic low-back pain are the most common types that will usually put you in need of a low-back pain chiropractor.

Acute back pain- People with acute low-back pain can usually be treated by themselves, and without a chiropractor doctor. The acute low-back pain can fix itself, through slow and effective mobility, and rest, relaxation, and possibly heat and cold pads if needed. Provided the acute low-back pain continues and turns into a more chronic pain, then it may be wise to seek out a low back pain chiropractor that is local to you and get an adjustment. The chiropractor doctor will have the ability to pinpoint the cause of your acute pain, and adjust your spinal column accordingly.

Chronic back pain- Chronic back pain can be a caused by many things, and one thing can lead into another. More often than not, chronic back pain will need medical intervention, whether that be chiropractic adjustments or something more serious. At Peak Potential Family Chiropractic – Houston Heights we always recommend to find a chronic loam-back pain chiropractor to find the source of the problem so that you will know what type of treatment is needed. It is important to remember that it took time for your back pain to turn into a chronic back pain problem, which is may take the same amount of time or more to treat the issue, retrain your muscles to adjust to the new spinal columns positions once the back pain chiropractor begins to perform the proper and effective adjustments.

What are the Symptoms Of Back Pain?

The source of back pain is not always right there in front of you. There are people who could be experiencing an extreme amount of pain, but have no unusual spinal x-rays. In fact, back pain can be caused entirely by the mind.

  • Back pain can only be specific to the low back or upper back area, and not radiate anywhere else in the body.
  • Make it hard to stand, sit, or the smallest of physical activity
  • Spasms within the muscles in your back or other part of the body
  • Cramping
  • Acute Pain
  • The area in pain can be tender to touch
Strained Muscles Or Ligaments

Due to strenuous or even regular activity, the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the body can become strained if moved in the wrong way. We do not use all of the muscles in the body on a continuous basis, which when we move in the way of those unused muscles in the wrong way, it can be difficult for those muscles to support you. This is the reason why it is very important to exercise consistently.


Stress can harm the body probably more than anything else, because it can attack not only the muscles within the back, but vital organs, etc. When stress is present, your muscled tense up, and tighten, which if this is consistent it will leave your muscle sore and weaken them over time.

Herniated Disc
Having a dis that has become herniated means that the another more serious type of alignment within the spine has occurred. In fact, the disc material between the vertebra have become ruptured. This can cause a large disruption within the spinal column which can compromise the strength of your entire spinal column and your immune system.
What is Vertebral Subluxation?

Vertebral subluxation is consistent pressure on the nerves, which can cause abnormalities and create lesions on the body, which will be visible to a back pain chiropractor through proper x-rays. This occurs when the spinal joints continuously fail to move in the proper fashion, which causes misalignment, which will then cause a disruption in the nerve function between the spinal column and the rest of the body, which left untreated can be detrimental to your health.

Back Pain Chiropractor Care

If you’ve been suffering from back pain caused by injury, disease or a spinal condition, our Houston chiropractor can help. At our office we balance immediate pain relief with a long-term solution. Our office would never guess with your health. Before we create a customized treatment plan to get you long term pain relief our doctor will go over your medical history, perform a full chiropractic examination, a posture profile, digital x-ray and a full in depth Motion Study X-Ray Analysis. At that point we will discuss what is needed to correct the underlying issue, resulting in long term pain relief.

Most patients experience immediate relief from back pain symptoms after their first appointment. Subsequent appointments focus on reducing the frequency and severity of chronic pain, and maintaining a healthy spine for long term relief. Our Houston Chiropractic clinic provides patients suffering from back pain with a natural, drug-free and effecting treatment option. Regardless of the source of your back pain, our Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Sean Beukelman gets results and will determine the best treatment plan, tailored to fit your needs.

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