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People don’t visit a chiropractic clinic often because many think these facilities are only for those who experienced major fractures and bone injuries. But, do you know you can visit a chiropractor as part of your regular maintenance health check? A chiropractor can help you in so many ways, saving you from costly surgeries and medications.

What is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who will attend to your needs inside the chiropractic clinic. They are trained and experienced in dealing with the neuromusculoskeletal system to keep your body in tip-top shape. A chiropractor’s main goal is to treat a patient’s pain due to injury, accidents, or long-term illnesses without the need for major surgeries and medication.

Chiropractic care is more than just spinal adjustments. It is also focused on self-healing that includes nutrition and exercise. By focusing on these matters, a chiropractor can help ease the burden of back and neck pain and realign joints to improve the functions of your body.

What to expect when you visit a chiropractic clinic?

A chiropractor is not a “quack’ doctor. They are trained, licensed, and skilled in doing stuff that will benefit your neuromusculoskeletal system. When you visit a chiropractic clinic, expect a short data-gathering to inform the professional about what you are feeling. Then the chiropractor will conduct a thorough examination which includes checking the spine’s position and the condition of your muscle reflexes. The patient also needs to take X-rays for a better picture of their condition. Once the diagnosis is complete, the chiropractor will develop a treatment plan for the patient’s unique case and monitor their progress.

The major treatment offered in a chiropractic clinic is spinal manipulation. This treatment includes using hands or instruments to apply force and move the joints for better alignment. A chiropractor offers other treatments: relaxation, stimulation, hot and cold treatment, exercise, and diet and weight loss counseling.

When should you visit a chiropractic clinic?

You can visit a chiropractor at various times in your life, whether you have a major case or not. Some of the most common signs you need chiro care are a strain on your body, back and neck pain, persistent headache, migraines, and joint pain. Many people would prefer taking pain relievers to alleviate the symptoms but for only a matter of hours. Too much intake of medication will eventually create new health problems and may cause risks. Using their expertise, a chiropractor can help you without the need for medications and surgery. Visit a chiropractic clinic for pain related to:

· After an accident or injury

A chiropractor can develop a rehabilitation plan to support your recovery. For injuries beyond their expertise, a chiropractor will refer you to other health professionals and collaborate with them for your complete healing.

· Low back or pelvis pain

Chiropractors can treat both acute and chronic low back and pelvis pain. Visit a chiropractic clinic if you experience these issues for a few months now.

· Neck Pain

Some of the causes of neck pain are tension, injury, or strain. A chiropractor’s treatment plan may include manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, and modalities or therapeutic exercises.

· Hip, knee, ankle, or foot pain

A chiropractor is trained in dealing with joints, spines, and muscles. When you experience pain in your lower extremities like the foot, you can count on them to give non-invasive treatments and get you back in your best shape.

· Headache

Tension headaches and migraines are common reasons why people visit a chiropractor. Fortunately, they are trained to diagnose issues and provide expert solutions to treat neck-based tensions and decrease the intensity and frequency of headaches.

· Spinal alignment

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spaces within the spine, which results in pressure in the nerves. Surgery is often recommended but not necessarily the only solution. Manual therapies and therapeutic exercise plans with the help of a chiropractor can also help.

There are many other benefits of visiting a chiropractic clinic near you. If you are in Houston, TX, our chiropractors at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic are the team to visit for all your chiro care needs. Schedule your appointment today and join our long list of satisfied clients!

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