chiropractor houston txIf you’re experiencing chronic pain in your lower back, neck, or shoulders, the chances are that you’ve been diagnosed with a misaligned spine. This happens when the bones of your spine (vertebrae) lose their correct position and become “stuck” in one position. The vertebrae can be knocked out of alignment by an injury, but it’s more often caused by poor posture or repetitive movements like sitting at a desk hunched over a computer all day. When this occurs, the spine joints may not work correctly, and nerve roots can get pinched.

Spinal alignment and health is a topic that affects many people. If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, or other issues, it might be time to visit a spine alignment doctor for an X-ray or MRI. Spine alignment doctors use imaging technology to diagnose your condition and provide treatment options to alleviate your pain.

What Is A Spine Alignment Doctor?

A spine alignment doctor is a chiropractor or an osteopath that focuses specifically on the spine’s bones and how they attach and the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and discs. Their job is to correct curvatures in the height of what’s known as “the spinal column,” which commonly leads to pain in certain areas due to restricted joint movement. For your chiropractor or osteopath to ascertain whether you have the symptoms above stemming from your spine, they will first need X-rays so they can see from all angles if anything abnormal exists with it. If more advanced care becomes necessary after reviewing those findings, MRIs may be ordered.

Although alignment doctors may be trained to correct misalignments in the neck or lower back regions, a person typically sees a spine specialist for one specific region. The vast majority of patients will see a general practitioner for their neck and upper back issues and an alignment doctor for lower back pain

 A chiropractor needs to diagnose you and do a thorough exam to determine the cause of the pain, diagnose it correctly, and offer a treatment that best works for your specific case. It’s crucial not just that a chiropractor finds what’s wrong with your back but also fixes it. In other words, not only does he need to find out where the pain is coming from, but he has to put your spine back into its natural curve as well as undo any other damage caused by injured or misaligned vertebrae.

How Does The Treatment Work?

As spine integrity is disturbed, the vertebrae lose their points of stability through movement. Rather than just pumping from one stop to another as your head bobs up and down all day, they act like an expandable column that shrinks or grows depending on how much stress it’s under. A muscle goes into spasm in response to this irritation, creating tightness that limits its range of motion. As this constant irritation continues, scar tissue accumulates around injured discs, producing chronic pain.

The spine is made up of 24 vertebrates that are connected by discs and then protected by ligaments. When these little groups become misaligned, it’s detrimental to other parts of our bodies – few people realize how big of an impact this can have on their lives. Over time your appearance may change to include aches/pains, chronic headaches, and trouble sleeping through the night, to name a few things.

An alignment doctor can diagnose any neuromuscular problems caused by misaligned bones, help with postural habits that affect posture, or make adjustments where needed. With chiropractic care, you can change inflamed joints, decompress irritated discs between vertebrae, and decrease muscle tension to prevent future injuries.

The Benefits Of Visiting A Spine Alignment Doctor

When people think of coming to the doctor, they may only be considering sleep apnea and other conditions that usually come with general medical treatment. However, it can’t hurt to look at those patients with manipulative skills because those patients are the doctors who specialize and focus only on the spine and it’s treatments (which includes things like Bedding). It’s perfect for people who do not need any other medication but want help with bones and muscles, even if it does come back with a fee. The benefits outweigh the risks of visiting this specific doctor by far.

The spine comprises twenty-four bones and over 60 joints, and its alignment can significantly impact overall health. For example, poor spinal alignment may lead to chronic pain in the jaw or neck area. The benefits of optimal spinal alignment include increased safety while lifting heavy objects or during contact sports, reduced risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, decreased chance for constant back strain from a job that requires repetitive motion such as painting ceilings all day long – and the list goes on.

Good alignment of your spine can make a big difference in how you function. It’s been demonstrated that the symptoms of pain, headaches, and back problems are significantly reduced in people who get customized spinal care from an alignment doctor or physical therapist.

It should be noted that good posture from an everyday life perspective is still important because it can help reduce symptoms earlier on when symptoms present themselves. However, it’s always best to help someone who has existing symptoms find a qualified professional so they can be better cared for and avoid needing to come back over and over again, which leads to frustration with conventional medicine and surgery options.

The spine is the central structure of our body, providing protection and support to many other vital organs. With so much resting on it, it’s no surprise that we often experience pain or discomfort in different parts of our bodies when something goes wrong with this delicate system. In some cases, a visit to a spine alignment doctor may be necessary for relief from backaches and neck tension. If you are experiencing any symptoms such as headaches or numbness in your arms, contact Peak Potential Family Chiropractic – Houston Heights. Our team will work hard to pinpoint what might have caused your injury and provide you with all the information about how best to treat it in the future. Contact us today!