Have you ever asked yourself why your spine is curved? Our spine has three healthy curves, and each curve aids in making our spine strong and more flexible. 


Starting at the top, the curve located at the neck is known as the cervical curve, the middle back is known as the thoracic curve, and the spine at the lower back is an inward lumbar curve. If one of these curves has been compromised, the effects throughout the entire spine are visible and greatly affect our daily activities. Often, people lose loser curves which will result in having bad curves. Some discs might bulge, resulting in spinal tension and nerve pressure. 


The C5-C6 vertebrae are in the lower portion of our spine. The primary role of these discs is to cushion vertebrae, help evenly distribute force throughout the spine, and provide flexibility. 


Our spinal column is made up of bones; this bone enables us to stand upright and protect our spinal cord. Between these vertebrae, bones are discs that act as shock absorbers in our day-to-day activities. This disc has two major parts, the outer cartilage and the gel-like substance inside. The gel is usually contained inside the outer cartilage; however, instances may leak out. This leak may press on nearby nerves, often referred to as a bulging disc. 


A cervical herniated disc is considered one of the most common causes of neck pain in people ages 30-50. This results from wear and tear of our bones due to aging and traumatic injuries. So, if you are currently suffering from neck pain, it is a big possibility that you might have disc problems. 


However, with the different technological advancements, C4-C5 Disc Bulge Treatment is now possible. 


What is the best cervical C5-C6 slip disc treatment?


There are always two treatment paths in treating medical conditions: addressing the symptoms and the underlying causes of the illness. 


Traditional medication for C5-C6 disc bulging is often the best choice, especially if we are afraid of surgeries. However, in some cases, this treatment offers short-term pain relief. 


Slip disc pain often subsides on its own, but if the pain lasts for six weeks, then it’s time for you to seek medical care. Peak Potential Family Chiropractic- Houston Heights provides the latest and the best C4-C5 Disc Bulge Treatment. They specialize in addressing the underlying causes of a bulging disc and provide necessary treatments. Listed below are the best options for C5-C6 slip disc treatment. 


Surgical treatments for C5-C6 slip discs may improve neck stability, relieve compression, and prevent further injury. Surgeries are often recommended for those who have severe cases. Anterior cervical decompression and spinal fusion is the most common surgical method in treating cervical herniation. This operation aims to remove the pressure on the nerve root by removing the damaged disc. Cervical artificial disc replacement, posterior cervical decompression, laminectomy, foraminotomy, and laminoforaminotomy are the different types of surgeries chosen to treat C5-C6 slip discs, depending on the extent of the damage. 


Non-operative treatment. Most cervical herniation doesn’t require surgery. Some only need rest with a cervical collar or neck brace. This brace helps protect our neck after the injury. Physical therapy is one of the major components of recovering from all kinds of herniation. Manual therapy with therapeutic exercise may help decrease the pain and improve neck function. A physical therapist may give techniques and other treatments to help you lessen the pain and discomfort. In severe cases, an epidural steroid injection may be provided to patients to reduce inflammation and pain. Over-the-counter medications help relieve the nerve pain caused by slipped discs. The doctor may also prescribe calcium and vitamin D supplements for bone strengthening. Lastly, self-care may help prevent and worsen spinal nerve pain. 


After surgery, signs, and symptoms of C5-C6 slipped and disc may be reduced. Choosing the best treatment path can have a significant impact on having a quality life. So, choosing the best professional care is the first step in treating this problem. 


What are cervical herniated disc symptoms? 


C5 and C6 spinal segments have the job of supporting the weight of our neck and head. This area of our spine commonly faces the effects of poor posture, especially when staring down at computers and our phones for a long time. Our tendency to look down or lean our heads forward puts more stress on our upper vertebrae and their disc; this may lead to problems known as the C5-C6 disc-bulging.  This can be a painful complication of scoliosis. 


Continuous looking down or leaning, the nerves surrounding our spine might change immediately. This may result in compression of nerve roots that can lead to pain which may impact the neck, arms, hands, and shoulders. Tingling and numbness are common symptoms of C5-C6 disc bulging. This pain and numbness may weaken and create spasms, creating significant discomfort in our hands. 


If you are experiencing this symptom, visiting your doctor is the best option. The sooner you see a doctor and get a diagnosis, the sooner you can start your treatment and be free from all the pain. C4-C5 Disc Bulge Treatment can now be detected through physical examination; imaging tends to do neurological testing. Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography scan are used to locate the bulging disc. 


If you have been diagnosed with C5-C6 disc bulging and want to learn and start the treatment as soon as possible, then you can contact or visit us at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic- Houston Heights. They believe that wellness and health require a healthy spine. They are committed to addressing the causes of your condition for a long-term result. To us, surgeries and medications are always the last choices. We are committed to offering our patients the best alternative treatments to avoid the risk of having too many complications in the future. Alternative treatments are safe and effective in so many ways. We can offer the best alternative therapies to give our patients impressive results without compromising their health.