Whole body or full-body adjustments are some of the chiropractic services you can avail of when you take a chiropractic treatment. If you are searching for chiropractic care that can soothe your entire body, then this full-body adjustment may be perfect for you. Luckily, Peak Potential Family Chiropractic – Houston Heights has been providing quality services regarding full-body adjustment with affordable chiropractors near your location. 

What Should You Expect on a Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment?

Many chiropractic techniques and procedures treat aching back, neck, head, and other body pains. But does the same process apply to a full-body chiropractic adjustment? Here are some of the essential matters you can expect when getting a full-body chiropractic adjustment. 

Full-Body Assessment 

Your chiropractors will start by assessing your medical history and look for underlying reasons for the cause of pain. Then, they can perform a further physical examination, especially on your spine, through an x-ray or MRI. This is to ensure that the treatment will be applied to the body’s source of pain. 

Establishing a Treatment Plan 

After they have acquired all the necessary information about you, chiropractors will proceed to the treatment plan. They will discuss specific goals with you to ensure that the treatment is going in the right direction and that we can achieve our soul purpose in the end. The treatment plan may include discussion and recommendations on various chiropractic treatments that you can agree on. This will serve as an opportunity for you to try more treatment methods and strategies, which means more chances of recovering. 

Treatment Procedure – this is where you will experience your first chiropractic appointment. The first chiropractic treatment should be done in the fastest and quickest time possible. Also, the treatment must be painless to avoid discomfort in the subsequent sessions. 

What does a chiropractor do during a treatment procedure?

  • Initially, chiropractors will let you lay down on a unique adjustment table while you are facing down. An adjusting table is a convenient tool when performing chiropractic manipulations and alignments. 
  • During the treatment, you can feel their hands moving and putting pressure on some of your body points. This is usually done to adjust the spine and relieve tension manually. 
  • After some time, you will be directed to change some positions since there are instances where the body parts are adjusted continuously throughout the whole body. The direction will still depend on what technique is being applied by the chiropractor. What you can do during this time is to take deep breaths and relax your body. 
  • Chiropractic instruments are also used during the treatment procedure to alleviate further and treat the pain. Chiropractors must be transparent with their system so the client would be at ease through the whole session. 

Post-Treatment Routines 

This includes monitoring or establishing daily exercises to keep the body from recovering and healing. In addition, most chiropractors advise patients regarding the do’s and don’ts, as well as the healthy routines and intakes after the treatment. 

When Do You Need Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment?

Now the question is, when can we say that you need a full-body chiropractic adjustment? Although you can take a full-body adjustment whenever you like, it would be best if you knew the signs and times when you need this kind of treatment. With this, you can prepare yourself before the treatment and secure your budget. 

Watch out for these signs as it tells you when you need a full-body chiropractic adjustment. 

  • MIld to Severe Headaches from the neck down to the spine – If you often experience this dilemma, then getting a full-body adjustment can be the solution. Headaches are some of the common an illness and pains that affect our daily routines and capabilities. That is why getting it treated through a full-body chiropractic treatment might ease the pain and lessen its occurrence. 
  • Joint or Muscle Pain – these are commonly experienced after strenuous work or activity. The pains you feel in your joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons may be due to a torn ligament or muscle tissue that needs immediate medication. You can treat this kind of body pain through a full-body adjustment. 
  • Chronic Back Pain – if you are experiencing severe pain in your upper and lower back parts, that may be a sign of a chronic illness. Full-body chiropractic adjustment can cure this pain through spinal manipulation and physical therapies. 
  • Immobilization – inability to move freely constitutes a severe health risk and must not be ignored. A probable cause of the immobilization is a damaged ligament, broken joint and bones, or muscle inflammation. Whatever the case is, getting it treated through full-body adjustment can be the primary solution. 
  • Severe Leg Pains – this might result from sciatica or an injury to the leg. A full-body chiropractic adjustment can treat various leg pains through spinal manipulation, therapeutic massages and treatments, progressive exercise routines, and many more. 


Benefits of a Full Body Adjustment

Many patients have turned to chiropractic treatments since it is an excellent alternative to surgical options such as painless treatment procedures, concrete treatment plans, and a high-recovery success rate. However, like any other chiropractic service, there are numerous benefits that you can achieve when you take a full-body chiropractic adjustment. Some of these benefits are listed below. 

  • Early Preventive Measure – if your body’s spine is aligned correctly, the tendency of body pains and malfunctions is lesser. That is why getting a full-body adjustment is an early preventive measure for possible injuries and severe body pains. Some would go to a chiropractor when they experience body pains. But they don’t know that chiropractic treatments can also be acquired without serious body problems. This is a way of preparing or defending the body from possible health risks. 
  • Natural Healing Process – chiropractic treatments promote natural healing solutions rather than depending on medications and relievers. Our body can heal itself over some time. That is the goal of chiropractic treatment. It guides the body in stimulating its natural healing ability. 
  • Resolves the Main or Root Source of Pain – a lot of medications treat body pain for a while. Some won’t realize when, but after some time of taking medication and you don’t feel pain anymore, it still doesn’t conclude that the paid you’ve been suffering in the past has gone. Chiropractic treatment looks for the root source of the pain and performs spinal adjustments to eliminate tensions and pressure causing the problem. 

Now is the time to receive medication naturally and effectively. Don’t settle with pain-evident procedures. Instead, take chiropractic treatments and live a painless life!

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