Do you experience severe pain in your shoulder due to dislocation? Do you find it difficult to raise or stretch your arms backwards? Are you having trouble with your shoulder injury and wanting to seek alternative treatments? In that case, this could be an excellent time for you to call a shoulder pain chiropractor at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic

What is a shoulder injury and what are the symptoms?

The body’s shoulder structure is made up of complex joints and bones, which help in our movements, posture, and balance. The shoulder is composed of different bones and soft tissues. When these bones and tissues are torn or damaged due to an injury incident, severe pain and tension will be felt. Since our shoulders are flexible for mobility purposes, there will come a time when we experience injuries. So, what are the symptoms of a shoulder injury? This is the common sign of a shoulder injury that you have to be aware of.

  • Pain is the first common symptom of a shoulder injury. It can vary from a minor level to a severe level where the sharpness of pain can be felt throughout your shoulder structure. 
  • Aside from pain, if you have a shoulder injury, you may feel stiffness or weakness in your shoulder muscles since the pain is creating tension in your tissues and bones. You may not freely rotate your arms or raise them in a normal way. 
  • In severe cases, the shoulders might be a little deformed, especially when there are fractures or torn bones. You might think your shoulder will slide out or pop out. Common cases of these shoulder injury symptoms happen in athletes who use shoulder movements frequently. 

What treatment options are available to fix your shoulder injury?

If you are experiencing common symptoms of a shoulder injury, seek immediate treatment before it gets worse and leads to a more complicated treatment option. There are numerous causes of shoulder injuries such as swimming, gardening, pitching, weightlifting, factory work, and other strenuous activities that can be treated with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatment has been popular for treating body pains and injuries. If you don’t want any surgical treatment for your shoulder injury, then you might as well seek treatment from a specialist like a shoulder pain chiropractor. These are chiropractic treatments that a shoulder pain chiropractor can perform to treat shoulder injuries. 


  • Chiropractic Massage Treatments: This treatment is commonly applied to shoulder injuries with pain levels that hinder you from raising or rotating your arms freely. Through a hand massage or hydromassage method, the sore muscles and tissues can be cured as it soothes and loosens the stiffness. This can be an alternative solution for rotator cuff injuries and even frozen shoulders. 
  • Chiropractic Adjustments: This method is a great way of reducing pain, inflammation, and possible muscle spasms. Shoulder pain chiropractors perform shoulder adjustments or manipulations on your neck and upper back as the direction shifts forward and backward. This can be done repeatedly for every chiropractic session to really restore the muscles, bones, and tissue health-state condition. 
  • Compression Techniques: This treatment procedure is used for chiropractic management of shoulder injuries and dysfunctions. Compression techniques are therapeutic treatments that are considered safer solutions since they provide rehabilitation and positive results. 
  • Electrostimulation Therapy: This treatment applies electro waves to your shoulder’s injured and sore muscles.Through this therapy, the body is able to stimulate an increase in blood flow, revitalization, and healing. This method only proves that technological advancements are also possible in chiropractic care. 
  • There are special chiropractic exercises that can treat shoulder pain injuries, such as the arm swing method, push-up routines, lifting your body slowly from a chair with an armrest, and many more. These routine exercises help you alleviate the pain and slowly revitalize the injured area. 


What happens if a shoulder injury goes untreated?

Our shoulders are an essential part of our bodies for mobility and daily routine activities. If there are minor pains or injuries in our shoulders, we really have to take immediate medication. therapies, or treatments to restore our shoulder structure to its normal and healthy state. But, what can possibly happen if our shoulder injury is left untreated? Are there any long-term effects? To keep everybody aware of shoulder injuries and their long-term effects, here are the possible consequences of an untreated shoulder injury.

  • For rotator cuff injuries that were left untreated, this might lead to chronic inflammation of muscles and tissues, which might progress to thick tears, and in severe cases, shoulder arthritis might be the result, where you can no longer raise your arms overhead due to the severe and sharp pain. You have to remember that the rotator cuff of our shoulder has surrounding muscles and tendons on our shoulder joints. This is a critical structural part of our shoulder that should get immediate treatment for any possible injuries. 
  • If the shoulder labrum, which surrounds the shoulder socket and provides joint stability, is left untreated, it can result in dysfunction and slipping out of the upper arm bones from the shoulder socket. This is very dangerous as it might compromise the other nearby tissue, muscles, tendons, and joints in our shoulder socket. 
  • In general, shoulder injuries can result in severe damage if left untreated. Minor shoulder pain from an accidental injury can lead to arthritis, bursitis, bone fractures, frozen shoulder syndrome, tendonitis, and separated shoulder injuries. 

How Can a Shoulder Pain Chiropractor Help?

It is always a good and smart move to seek immediate assistance from a professional doctor or chiropractor when you are experiencing early symptoms of a shoulder injury. This will undoubtedly reduce the likelihood of severe fracture or damage, as well as prevent long-term health effects.Here are some benefits of getting a shoulder pain chiropractor for your shoulder injury treatment. 

  • Shoulder pains that occur in our musculoskeletal system are caused by misalignment or strained muscles. Shoulder pain chiropractors are skilled enough and experienced enough in shoulder adjustments, which are common chiropractic treatments to cure a shoulder injury. Shoulder pain chiropractors can also perform special chiropractic treatments to easily realign the musculoskeletal system and promote healing to the surrounding structures of your shoulder. 
  • There are specific treatment plans for any kind of shoulder injury. Through this method, there is a concrete and guaranteed procedure for treating pain sources or discomforts. Moreover, the treatment plans are designed to create healing progress in your body, which will eventually lead to full recovery. 
  • Shoulder pain chiropractors specialize in treating shoulder injuries compared to local doctors. They can give you a variety of treatment procedures that are appropriate for the type of shoulder injury you are experiencing. In addition, there are post-chiropractic treatments that you can expect, such as post-treatment exercises or routines, health tips, and expert advice. This only proves that chiropractic care does not end in the clinic alone; chiropractors ensure continuous healing and recovery after your treatment plan. 

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