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 Hugo AguiluzHugo AguiluzFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

Excellent treatment in just a few therapies my back is much better.

Sharon KraftSharon Kraft Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr. Sean is the best chiropractor I have ever been to and believe me I have been to a lot of them! We are new to the area and were blessed to have found his office.

Zandrea MarketingRep Zandrea Ide Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr. B is an amazing doctor! He is really honest and truly cares and it shows in his treatments. The new clinic is so much closer to me and super clean, the staff is always friendly too!

spelio69 Speli0spelio69 Speli0 Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr. Sean is very patient with me. When I came to see him he was so understanding and concern. Dr. Sean makes me feel right at home like if we known each other for ever. Thank you Dr. Sean for everything you are doing to help me get better.

Sohail ChaturSohail Chatur Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr. Sean is a wonderful man! My Aunt lives in Houston and was having a ton of problems with her back. I asked around and got referred to Peak Potential. She’s much happier now, what more can I say? Thanks Dr. Sean!

Terry WattsTerry Watts Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Nice office and friendly staff! Highly recommend!

Paige WardPaige Ward Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr. Sean is amazing!! He takes the time to tell you exactly what’s going on in understandable terms and truly cares. If you want to really get better and not just have temporary relief see this guy!! Absolutely worth it!!!

Shauna MartinShauna MartinFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr. Sean really takes care of his patients…my nerve pain has always bothered me and after getting adjusted I finally felt some sense of normalcy. Staring a new treatment can be scary but Dr. Sean was great I highly recommend

Michael KittingerMichael KittingerFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

He really helped my lower back and got me back to peak performance. Highly recommend.

Joseph DennisJoseph DennisFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

Nice office and friendly staff!

Jay YoungJay YoungFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

Great doctor, very knowledgeable!

Thomas ProtzeThomas Protze Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr. Sean is awesome, I had him give me an adjustment when I was visiting the area and he did a great job at helping my back pain.

Zach Behnke Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr Sean adjustments regularly and has made huge improvements in back. I’m a chiropractor and he is who I handpick to use.

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